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Since the young age of 14 the passion and ardor for the techno movement in Europe, encourage him to explore the variety of the expression of tendency that was revolutioning the world music Club scene. In 2007 he wins the silver disk in France with over 100.000 sold singles and more than 400.000 copies all over the globe.


Art In Motion is the alter-ego of Brazillian producer Vicente Amadeo who has taken on this moniker as an outlet to explore the more intricate, emotional side of his musical psyche. Amadeo has flown the world over on his quest for success. Travels which eventually earned him a diploma from the SAE Institute in Byron Bay Australia in 2009.


The real celebration consists in having fun and dancing endless with friends even though in the end you are ready for another one. This is a flag embraced by Daniel Sun justifies his remarkable performances trough the best clubs and outdoor concept parties around Brasil. 


Djuma Soundsystem had a major radio and club hit with "Les Djinns" (the single biggest selling track on and has proved to be much more than a one off. The sound is between tech house, house, disco, and techno, with a lot of personality and humanity involved. This is music, and not just grooves! It's catchy, but still underground and  it can entertain a festival going mad, as well as an intimate club. 


Since he was a child, Dake was interested in music.  Born into a musicians family, he started to play a musical instrument really early. When he was 6 years old, he started studying the Flugelhorn , the same instrument that he plays with today.  Today, he is 20 years old, getting a lot of notice in the music industry.


Young Chilean DJ and producer considered one of the best talent in your country, has been presented at various clubs and festivals in Chile and South America. In his role as producer and has released over 100 releases on different labels and also works on his own label "PRESSURE" which has support from major artists.


Guilherme SD , native of RS but living in Curitiba , had his first contact with electronic music in 2000 , at parties Hard Techno , Techno and Acid . In 2008 , Techno and back to the roots goes to Australia where he studied Music Production at SAE Institute- Sydney for a year . Become a resident of Blunt party in Bondi Beach , event resulting from the partnership with Djs and friends held at The Eastern Club .


With over 13 years of career, Handerson is a professional who has his life turned completely to music. Throughout its history as a DJ, he moved to major clubs in various cities of Santa Catarina State, in Brazil, highlighting the 8 years he commanded the main runway of Baturité in Balneario Camboriu, serving as a reference for many dj's of the new generation.


Jay West has been consistenly releasing House records for the most part of the last decade. His hard work in the studio gained him world recognition and his dj sets, always fun, original, energetic  and full of deepness and funk quickly became requested and allowed him to tour the world playing the most important clubs and festivals in more than 35 countries.


Lazarus Mathebula, known to his friends as LazarusMan, earned a reputation for creating an atmosphere in flames when presented live. His performances and compositions have earned him great praise and a place among major producers of electronic music. As it is titled by Lazarus: "We are artists with striking basslines, what differentiates us from our fellow Americans."


Matt Fear is at the forefront of a new breed of breakthrough Leeds-born artists making strides into the electronic music scene. Matt was pushed into the limelight through his remix of “On The Road” for no less than Jamie Jones’ and Lee Foss’ Hot Waves label. His releases have been relentless resulting in a hectic worldwide touring schedule.


Manuel is considered one of the exciting new talents in the house music scene. Influenced by artists in his family, he acquired a sophisticated taste for dance music during his youth. Having started professionally in 2001, Manuel positioned himself quickly as a House music reference among Argentinean DJs.


Rafael Motta, lives in Brasilia, Brazil and has been appointed as one of the new revelations in the local scene, has gone through some of the best festivals, clubs and partys in Brazil. Today, your presentations are distinguished by their rigid selection of tracks and by always being tuned and is currently working on the project FOX GLOVE.


Around a time when deep house music was imploding in on itself amidst a deluge of uninspiring loops, mindless repetition and utter disposability, Berlin’s Santé emerged as part of a wave of new producers with a different cut to their electronic jib. His productions ooze character, charisma, soul, colour, humour and above all a sense of humanity and feeling so devoid from the less inspiring corners of house music.  


Bruno Snupi is 26 years old, and for 10 years has been intensively researching the major tendencies of Deep and House music. Natural from São Paulo, is currently residing in Balneário Camboriú. Known for adding touching vocals and sophisticated soul music to his mixes, his productions have an unique charming tone, resulting in extremely tasteful sets made for the entire dance floor.


Just take your time and a look on ,the world biggest online database for electronic music.
The Discograyphy of Alex Krüger aka TIGERSKIN aka DUB TAYLOR aka KORSAKOW will be maybe one of the biggest you can find. It says all about the artist. Well know as the producer of heavyweights like PHONIQUE and lot of other well known artist around he also took some time to do dozens and dozens of own releases and remixes over the last 12 years.


After years playing without a cod name, Daniel Sun and Guilherme SD finally come together for a joint of well known beats but with surprising feelings as the gap between the atemporal music and inspiration. They are the seed feeding guys of grow music and have destined their brand all over the world.


Dynamic, driven and drastically obsessed for  good music . Tezzel has performed in major Clubs and festivals around the world . Based in Australia nowadays , Tezzel is Dj resident @ Significant Others in Sydney. His sets could be described as … Deep , Shuffly , sometimes jazzy spiced with sensual vocals .